340B Objectives

Serve large volume of indigent and vulnerable patients to make pharmaceuticals and other critical services available. Enable 340B qualified entities to stretch scarce resources by using the savings from implementing a compliant 340B program...


340B Split Billing

Our web interfaced, cloud implemented 340B Split Billing Solution Manager (340B SM) allows qualified entities to implement the 340B program and meet the objectives. Along with significant financial benefits, our 340B SM helps you meet regulatory and audit requirements which complicate participation....


340B Contract Pharmacy

Contract pharmacy agreements allow 340B covered entities to extend their reach into their communities after patients are discharged. Such agreements can provide a significant benefit to your patients, community pharmacies and your organization...


340B Employee Pharmacy

When entities have set up their pharmacies (used mainly for employees or discharge patients), EORX allow 340B covered entities to extend their 340B drug distribution to such personnel and benefit from the 340B program...



U.S. Department of Health and Human Services     HRSA : 340B Drug Pricing Program     HRSA : Office of Inspector General