340B Split Billing for Hospitals

Helping you simplify the complexities of 340B and minimize the cost.

340B Split Billing Solution Manager (340B SM)

The 340B program allows qualified entities to better serve patients by accessing covered outpatient pharmaceuticals at reduced cost. The 340B program helps entities to make better use of scarce resources, but at the same time imposes regulatory requirements on those entities which make participation more complex.

Our web interfaced, cloud implemented 340B Split Billing Solution Manager (340B SM) allows qualified entities to implement the 340B program and meet the objectives.

User-friendly yet sophisticated, the 340B SM software helps approximately hospitals fulfill their mission to serve indigent patients while facilitating 340B tracking and management. Our team of experts in pharmacy operations, implementation and software help you get up, run and maintain the 340B SM.

340B SM was designed to help you maximize your benefits from the program participation and maintain regulatory compliance.

Key Features

  • Integrates with any wholesaler.
  • Integrates with direct purchase distributors/manufacturers.
  • Automated CDM / NDC maintenance.
  • Intuitive Multiplier Maintenance.
  • WAC Purchase Minimizer
  • Payor carveouts.