340B Employee/Outpatient Rx (340B EORX)

Helps you to build a solid 340B pharmacy within your four walls.

Extend Your 340B Drug Distribution to Employees / Outpatients

When entities have set up their pharmacies (used mainly for employees or discharge patients), EORX allow 340B covered entities to extend their 340B drug distribution to such personnel and benefit from the 340B program. Even though the customers of such pharmacies are mostly discharge patients, you may have outside patients (relative of patients, for example) or you may employees whose prescriptions may have been written by physicians who are not associated with you. In such arrangements, even though there would be no cash flow between the said pharmacy and the entity, they both being one and the same, challenges do remain with respect to managing the relationship efficiently and keeping it compliant manner.

340BSoftware.com through its implementation and pharmacy network experts, combined with our rule based 340B RX software, will help your organization maximize the benefits . The rule based software is flexible and customizable by you.

Additionally, our team is ready to assist you in evaluating whether you should establish such an entity owned pharmacy or not.

The Benefits of Using 340B EORX Rx for Such a Pharmacy Include

  • Fully automated 340B eligible prescription identification. We identify 340B qualified prescriptions at the point of dispense without any change in adjudication, patient discharge process or data entry.
  • The pharmacy may their inventory control system to place orders – we intercept, split and manage the 340B covered entity items and the remaining Retail Pharmacy items. This aligns 340B inventory ordering with overall pharmacy inventory management to help avoid inventory swell, product returns, and disruptions to the contract pharmacy's workflow.
  • Ongoing daily reconciliation of collected revenue and dispensing fees.
    1. Built-in identification for levels of poor patients.
    2. Customized to your policies & procedures.
    3. Real time interface to pharmacy systems such as QS1 and RX30.