340B Contract Rx for Retail

Helps you to build and maintain a solid 340B network.

Contract Agreements

Contract pharmacy agreements allow 340B covered entities to extend their reach into their communities after patients are discharged. Such agreements can provide a significant benefit to your patients, community pharmacies and your organization. However, challenges are associated with managing contract pharmacy networks in an efficient manner can be significant. Management of networks includes forming relationships and maintaining them. 340BSoftware.com helps covered entities develop, implement, manage, and expand contract pharmacy networks. Our implementation and pharmacy network experts, combined with our rule based 340B RX software, will help your organization maximize the benefits of contract pharmacy relationships without distracting your pharmacy team from their core mission of providing quality patient care. The software is flexible and customizable by you.


The benefits of using 340B Contract Rx for contract pharmacy management include:

  • Fully automated 340B eligible prescription identification. We identify 340B qualified prescriptions at the point of dispense without any change in adjudication, patient discharge process or data entry.
  • Contract Pharmacy may use their inventory control system to place orders – we intercept, split and manage the 340B covered entity items and the remaining Retail Pharmacy items. This aligns 340B inventory ordering with overall pharmacy inventory management to help avoid inventory swell, product returns, and disruptions to the contract pharmacy's workflow.
  • We have established relationships with wholesalers including Cardinal, Amerisource Bergen, Morris & Dickson, and McKesson. We receive price files from these wholesalers on a regular basis.
  • We allow you to access a copy of your policies and procedures from within our software.
  • Robust reporting capabilities.
  • Access to view status of individual claims.
  • Ongoing daily reconciliation of collected revenue and dispensing fees
    1. Built-in design for retrospective, prospective and combined replenishments.
    2. Built-in identification for levels of poor patients.
    3. Customized to your policies & procedures.